6 Secret Ways to Make Her Orgasm

By Matt on November 29, 2011 in Sex & Intimacy

In a dire moment of passion, she arches her back and lets out a deafening moan that echoes through the room. Her hands are pulling at your back, but all you can feel is her tight, sudden twitches as she losses herself in the pleasure.

‘Wow’ she wearily whispers in your ear, ‘that was amazing…’

Even if this seems more like a dream than a reality right now, there are certain magical buttons you can press to make her orgasm. If you’d like to put yourself in that position, and have her shamelessly boast to all her friends about you, check out these 6 ways to make her orgasm.

Note: While the first two ways to make her orgasm may be anything but glamorous, they are so profoundly necessary that I didn’t want to leave them out.

Get Her Relaxed and Comfortable

Women need to feel relaxed and comfortable to have an orgasm. And the best way to do this is by giving her a message.

Most men just have no idea how wonderful a woman will feel after a pleasant massage. Don’t be in such a hurry to get to the ‘sex’; you’ll be overlooking one of the most hidden secrets to giving her powerful orgasms.

A massage can awaken a woman’s body, removes knots and spasms to allow energy to flow throughout her body.

Make it a point to start your lovemaking session by giving her a nice, relaxing massage. Focus on getting her body to awaken, open up and relax – allowing her sexual energy to move freely once the lovemaking begins.

Warm Up Her Feet

Every guy knows that when a woman climbs into bed she loves to lodge her cold feet between his legs to warm up. Warm feet do more to make a woman physically comfortable than just about anything else.

Giving her a soft, sensual foot message to warm up her feet is a great way to get her comfortable and aroused with your touch. It’s these small actions that will build up into heart-pounding arousal and awaken her sexuality.

Change Her Frame of Mind

Her experience in bed will be greatly dictated by what happens before the act itself. If you really want to know how to make her orgasm, you need to know how to change her frame of mind.

What’s the best way to change her frame of mind?

Get her to talk about something that excites her. Get her to open up one of her deepest sexual desires. Ask her what an orgasm feels like, and direct her through the sights smells and sounds to make it come alive. Eventually she’ll be so overwhelmed with arousal, she’ll beg you to rip her clothes off.

Or try this: Ask little question that will eventually led her to a heightened sense of arousal. Maybe you ask her if she want a back message. She’ll probably say yes. As you’re messaging her shoulders, whisper in her ear, ‘You look amazing tonight, I just had to get my hands on you’.

Do you see how such an innocent looking question can quickly change her frame of mind? This technique alone is one of the most powerful ways to make her orgasm since it wakes up her sexual energy and gets her in the mood before anything sexual happens.

Captivate Her Senses

Smell is the strongest of the five senses when it comes to lovemaking. The right smell can also be one of the best ways to make her orgasm.

What’s the right smell?

Anything musky brings out your manliness and will increase her libido. Baby powder can have a similar effect by bringing up thoughts of reproduction, subconsciously activating her arousal.

Can you get her instantly in the mood?

Out of all our senses, smell seems to form the strongest connection to a memory or feeling. Maybe you’ve noticed this when you smell the same perfume someone close to you wore.

This is especially true about sensual arousal since smell, sex and memory share close sectors in the brain. The second she gets a whiff of your special smell, she’ll be transported back to the last time she smelled it on your body. This little trick can get her primed and ready for an orgasm without her even realizing it.

Figure Out What Works

Wouldn’t it be great if I could give you the secret blueprint to making her orgasm?

I wish I could, but make no mistake, it doesn’t exist. The only thing I can do is lead you in the right direction.

Every woman is different, and what turns her on may be completely different than someone else.

But the secret is:

If you pay very close attention to her body language, she’ll tell you exactly how to send her over the edge.

Become aware of every sound or twitch she makes. Become complete aware of how she reacts to what you do.

Does she start to moan when you start moving faster? Does her body twitch when you lick a certain spot?

Listen carefully and she’ll reveal all her deepest sexual secrets. Then you’ll have the key to give her the most intense orgasm she’s ever had.

Transform the Night Into a Fantasy

Photo by frinier.

There is a reason women love romantic novels and films. For her, it’s all about the experience … the intangible … the unnamed. It’s about taking her into her own personal fairytale.

If you can learn this skill, you will be able to open the door to her sexual dreams.

The Magic of an Experience

When I was a child, Disney World was my favorite place in the world. The characters, atmosphere, sounds, and smells all seem to come alive. There was magic in the air – a certain feeling that is impossible to explain.

But there was no magic.

It was my reaction to Disney that created the magic. And the experience was completely unique, because I was the one who created it.

When you take the time to surround her in a sexual fantasy, it can take a life of its own. All you need to do is create the background for the magic to happen – the rest will manifest itself.


Read her an excerpt of a sexual scene… Women will respond far better to this than a video as it leaves more to the imagination. Remember all you are doing is providing the background – her mind will fill in the rest.

Extract from Triptych of a Young Wolf by Ann Allestree

“Christine, on her knees, turned to see him naked before her. She was shocked anew by his fine strong body with its prodigious cover of curly black hair. Swiftly he lifted her up and pressed her to the wall. Fondling her breasts he undid her shirt, her linen trousers fell to the floor. She kicked off her moccasins and gave way to his arms.”

Memorize a story … (similar to the excerpt above) and whisper the story in her ear as you gently stroke her body. This will drive her crazy.

There are so many other ways to turn your night into a fairytale. Think of your own way to make the night come alive and write it in the comments below.

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